Never Odd or Even - Mobile application development agency

We're Never Odd or Even. Pleased to meet you.

Never Odd or Even is an award-winning mobile development agency based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, North East England.

We are iOS and Android developers first and foremost, although we also build hybrid apps and websites too.

We also help other developers build, test and market their mobile applications.

We are a small but perfectly formed team of creative thinkers.


Phone: 0191 308 0398

Customer Reviews

"Easy navigation and innovative use of photos are the hallmark of these guides." The Sunday Telegraph - Instant Cities

"I am loving this iPhone app!" Scott Mills, BBC Radio 1 - Ask The Hoff

"I make iPhone apps myself, and I know how hard to can be to give even a simple app some polish, to make it intuitive and easy to use, but that's what you get here." Customer review - Instant Cities

"I've had the Next Metro app less than a week and it has saved me so much time." Customer review - Next Metro